The Mror Holds

The Mror Holds is a confederation of prospecting clans of dwarves. Recently Sharra’Gam the adamantine dragon has taken over the mountains and the Iron Council has close ties to him. While the clans mine the rich ores of the Ironroot mountains, the Jhorash’tar orcs in the wilds raid the mines with the weakest defenses. The Sovereign Host is revered here but Onatar, Dol Dorn, and Kol Korran are prayed to especially.

House Kundarak’s center enclave lies in Korunda Gate, north of Krona Peak. Although their expected to remain neutral concerning politics of the Iron Council, they still have business dealings (as Clan Kundarak) with other clans by leasing the mines they don’t use as vaults. The vault mines are used for their banking enterprises and they are extremely safeguarded, the mark of Warding is very beneficial for this endeavor.


  • Krona Peak
  • Korunda Gate
  • Fist of Onatar
  • Frostmantle
  • Lake Home


  • Ironroot Mountains
  • Hoarfrost Mountains
  • Noldrunthrone
  • Goradra Gap
  • Korran’s Maw
  • Mirror Lake
  • Glimmergleam River

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The Mror Holds

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