The kingdom that once was under Galifar’s rule has now disintegrated. A weapon in Cyre had completely devastated the region in what is now known as The Mournland. After The Mourning dragons intervened and the Last War came to an abrupt holt. Dragons realized that lesser creatures couldn’t care for the natural order so they established rule over them throughout Eberron, Khorvaire was the first to be held enforce.

The Five Nations are are now overseen by five greater wyrms. Four of the five give the ability to hold a counsel for the rights of its lesser races, but dragons have now become the ruling class. The fifth greater wyrm has not been heard of since he took hold of The Mournland, and his mysterious disappearance puts dread in anyone that contemplates the cursed land and its condition.

The other regions are in a state of flux as lesser wyrms fight to win the crown of a certain region. Darguun, Droaam, The Eldeen Reaches, The Mror Holds, and The Talentia Plains are constantly changing rulers. Q’barra is ruled by Barka’Sis and the dragonborn in their cities of gold. The Lhazaar Principalities are run exclusively by pirates and bandits. The Shadow Marches is overseen by Kumulu’Ku’Mikin the black dragon who rules a noble class of tieflings. Valenar is watched over by both Kyoshi’Gimas the green dragon and an elf princess. While Bumu’Shash gives the gnomes of Zilargo complete freedom and the region has close ties to Breland. The Demon Wastes are undesirable territory and even the greater wyrms fear these lands, only the mad and truly evil would live in such a place.

The Five Nations

  • Aundair
  • Breland
  • Karrnath
  • Thrane
  • The Mournland

The Other Nations

  • Darguun
  • Droaam
  • The Eldeen Reaches
  • Q’barra
  • The Shadow Marches
  • The Talenta Plains
  • Valenar
  • Zilargo
  • The Demon Wastes

Khorvaire Seas

  • Barren Sea
  • Lhazaar Sea
  • Thunder Sea
  • Bitter Sea

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